Learn to still your mind effortlessly

With Transcendental Meditation (TM) courses in Birmingham and the West Midlands, taught by experienced independent TM teacher

What is Meditation?

There are basically three types of meditation technique. These are Focused Attention, Open Monitoring and Automatic Self-Transcending.

The first two techniques keep the mind involved in thinking and doing.

In Focused Attention, the meditator may be asked to hold the mind’s eye on something in particular, such as a candle or an emotion, and if thoughts intrude, attention is directed back to the focus.

In Open Monitoring techniques, which include the Buddhist-type mindfulness meditation, the meditator learns to observe the breath, or thoughts and feelings without reacting to them in order to become aware of internal patterns.

The third category, Automatic Self-Transcending, is what happens during Transcendental Meditation.

TM allows the mind to go to its inner essence, pure being, effortlessly.

It takes you beyond thought, produces a distinctive change in brain wave patterns and allows an experience of pure consciousness.

After trying other meditation techniques, I learned Transcendental Meditation and haven’t looked back – it’s so easy and enjoyable


The best investment in ‘me’ that I’ve ever made, I’m meditating twice each day and really feeling the benefits of TM


I found the Transcendental Meditation course straight forward and really informative &  lunch was great – thank you!

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